Krenewable Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Renewable Energy Developers

We are a renewable energy project developer that specializes in solar energy deployment. KE identifies, develops and operates viable renewable energy projects. The company is able to offset the higher initial capital costs associated with renewable generation by taking advantage of government tariffs and incentives, by strategically aligning itself with key investment banks and financial partners, and by utilizing sophisticated financing structures to raise the capital required to develop a project.

Our team is involved in all type of activities that promote renewable energy generation through sustainable processes, either with existing or new green/clean technologies. Our vision is to successfully promote renewable energy into global markets, working with investors and developers to make the process commercially viable for all concerned. Kayrenewable Energy private limited is currently identifying other opportunities within the renewable energy sector. The company is targeting renewable energy assets for acquisition. The company is planning for hybrid plants so that there will be proper use of the ground such as for agriculture etc. to generate more revenue.

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The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun.

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